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Faery Marked: Guest Post by Mary Waibel

Not Your Typical Faeries
Guest Post by Mary Waibel

Thank you so much, Judith, for hosting me today as part of my Faery Marked blog tour.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Faeries? Come on, admit it. You thought of tiny, winged creatures that scatter dust around when the fly. Or, maybe you thought of something more in line with Titania, from Shakespeare’s A MidSummer Night’s Dream.

John Anster Fitzgerald [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 

These are not the type of faeries you’ll find in Faery Marked.

I wanted to take the traditional Seelie Court (ones who enjoy a good prank, but are relatively harmless) and Unseelie Court (those who’ve been known to take a prank too far, and can cause harm) and give them my own twist. So, I created the Adhair and Ebon Fae.

What’s the difference, you ask?

The Adhair Fae, ruled by Prince Lorcan, are easily identified by their white or light colored wings. In addition to the human-sized faeries, you will also find dryads, naiads, and other creatures that dwell in the open air and the light are part of the Adhair Fae.

The Ebon Fae are ruled by Queen Nissa, and the faeries have black or dark colored wings. Naiads, dryads, and other creatures, especially those who dwell in caves or dark places, are part of Ebon Fae.

As you can see, there’s a bit of crossover on some of the creatures, as the location of their tree or body of water determines which kingdom they live in.

Given the descriptions of these Fae, you’d probably assume that the Adhair Fae are the good guys, and the Ebon Fae the bad guys. But, you’d be wrong.

I like to play word games, and I found it amusing to take a name that is similar to the word for dark and make that be the good side. Kind of like the hero in a western wearing a black hat.

In reality, there are good and bad in both the Ebon and Adhair Fae realms. As with all wars, the victor writes the history, and the history of Faery has been written by the Ebon Fae. Queen Nissa is the beloved leader who saved Faery by refusing to wed the evil Prince Lorcan. And while that history is truthful, it is also one sided. Fortunately, I’ll get to explore the other side when I write book 2 in the trilogy.

Book Blurb:

When Callie Rycroft wakes to find purple flames flickering on the ceiling, she believes she’s still dreaming. But soon she’s forced to accept that she has magic―a special magic that grants her entrance into the Faery Realm.

For centuries humans have been banned from Faery, but dangerous times call for dangerous measures. Declared Champion by the Faery Queen, Callie is assigned a Guardian, and tasked with finding the Cordial―a magical elixir needed to keep the portal to the Faery realm a secret from humans.

The upside? Reece Michaels, the boy she's been crushing on for years, is her Guardian. Callie hopes that, by spending time with Reece, he'll start to see her as more than just his best friend's sister.

The downside? She's in a race not only against time, but against another Champion, and a rogue Guardian―a Guardian who stands to threaten her developing relationship with Reece.

Magic, mistaken identities, and hidden agendas are the least of Callie's worries when she learns that the Cordial requires a sacrifice. Will Callie be willing to risk everything―even Reece―to complete her task as Champion? Or will she let the portal open, and doom both realms?

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About the Author:
YA author Mary Waibel’s love for fairytales and happy-ever fill the pages of her works. Whether penning stories in a medieval setting or a modern day school, magic and romance weave their way inside every tale.

Strong female characters use both brain and brawn to save the day and win the heart of their men. Mary enjoys connecting with her readers through her website:

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