Monday, March 24, 2014

Cozy Read Fit For A Night In.....or Not

I found a new book that I just started reading and will probably finish by tomorrow morning, that is if I can stop laughing for a few minutes.

18297707Tangled by Emma Chase
I have to say that even though I have just begun reading this book, Emma Chase is a BRILLIANT author. This book is full of nonstop laughter, though a bit on the 18 and over side. (Just a warning to any young readers) however, for all you lovers of romance and haughty arrogant male leads and girls who wont give them the time of day until they become all pouty, well this is for you.

And watch out, it's in the guy's POV as opposed to the girl's. It's just amazing to see the inner working of a playboy. Who knew they could actually fall in love.... and what they do is pretty hilarious!

I guess I won't be sleeping tonight! (Oh and if you click on the title and follow the link...scroll down to the wont be disappointed by the comical and gut-bursting gifs)

Now off to go read!!!

I mean it's about time, right!?

Kristy <3

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