Monday, March 31, 2014

Signs That You Might Be Reading A Good Book...

  • 1: No sleeping.
  • 2: No eating.
  • 3: A sudden desire to find someone like the love interest in the book.
  • 4: Slight drooling over certain moments.
  • 5: Sudden bursts of emotion.
  • 6: A need to share with the world just how fantastic the book is.
  • 7: The realization that this book WILL end, eventually. And feeling ridiculously torn.
  • 8: No socializing.
  • 9: Extreme comparisons are made between your life and the characters' lives in the book.
  • 10: Making irregular noises at 3 in the morning because something amazing just happened.
     I found this on one of my favourite blogs (bibliophilebunny)  and decided to share with you guys. I have to say it's pretty accurate, I mean I get so emotionally attached to my favourite heroins that I even have withdrawals after I finish a book. I know, but it's so hard letting go....and then they come out with a sequel and all is well again!
     Another one to add to the list is the weird looks you get from those "random" noises and then people think you are crazy. They will never understand the turmoil we go through. 
But I mean, I can't help it when I get immersed in such a good book. I tend to cry and laugh as if the actions in the book were happening to me personally. A good book brings out all kinds of emotions and that's when you know that it was definitely worth it.

Let us know what you would add to the list. Any little quirks that you guys have while reading a good book or maybe something weird that you do? Share it with us in the comments. We'd love to hear from all of you lovelies!


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