Monday, March 24, 2014

Kristy's February and Mid-March Wraps

Okay, so I must apologize for my lack of posts for a while...and thank Judith for making up for that (isn't she Amazing!?)

It has been a weird couple of months and honestly I haven't read much, mostly due to school and work and lack of ability to get out of bed.
February I started to read a few books and I had a list of awesome ones I wanted to get through, especially for the Wicked Valentine's Read-A-Thon I had been doing at the time. I finished one book out of the 5 that I had on my list.

The Devil Wears Kilts - by Suzanne Enoch

This was actually a fun read, especially f you are obsessed with the Highlands and Men in kilts, and Scotland, and Men in Kilts, and history, and romance, and did I mention MEN in Kilts? Okay, I may be a little obsessed, but who can blame a girl when you imagine these gorgeous god-like men wearing absolutely nothing but a kilt!? Oops..sorry I know, I know...keep it PG!

Anyway, on to March. It has been pretty much the same as February and I haven't read much at all which is really pushing me back on my 50 reads for the year.

However, despite the lack of reading, and due to all my studying, let me just share that I made the "Dean's List"!!!!! So there you go, now you know how crazy my study habits have been.

On the even brighter side...I have picked up another book, or two and starting the beginning of April, Judith and I will be doing a Spring Cleaning Sequel Read-A-Thon (the first week of April). We'll be reading the sequels to some of our book series that we have been meaning to read. No better time to get spring cleaning with some reading! (Wow, I should probably rethink my life.)

I'd love to hear from all you lovelies and if you have any questions or ideas or anything at all, leave us a comment!

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